Want to video chat – use Qik!

Written by josh on October 28th, 2013

This week we’ll tell you about two great video calling apps. The first is called Qik, which is designed for video capturing and sharing.

Qik is basically a social network for sharing video. Here’s your app experience:

– Capture special or spontaneous moments on video using your mobile phone

– Your videos are then immediately saved to your online Video Gallery, ready for storage or sharing. Qik lets you save up to 25 videos online.

– These videos can be made live instantly or shared later


– You can share your videos with anyone you know – control your sharing to go to one person, your whole family or through your favorite social network including Youtube.

– Qik also lets you video chat with anyone else who uses Qik.

– Sharing videos live enables real time communal experience. If friends can’t watch immediately, they’ll catch the videos later.

– Qik also lets users stream video live on various social networks.

– Send videos via email or message.

– Lastly, Qik supports chat between different platforms.

If you want a visual social experience through your mobile device, Qik is a good app to download! Don’t forget, video chat with anyone anywhere in the world who also uses Qik.

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