Yahoo Voice allows you to make quick calls to India

Written by shannon on March 25th, 2010

The dependable, reliable, and widely popular site Yahoo allows you to make calls to India by using Yahoo Voice. While Yahoo is mostly known for its easy to use emailing service and helpful search engine, little did we know that it is also a great site for making convenient calls to India for nearly the price of nothing. Yahoo Voice makes quick PC to phone calls from countries all over the world at a quick and surprisingly manageable rate.

It is as easy as just a few simple steps with Yahoo Voice. Using your personal Yahoo messenger account you can make nearly free phone calls to India right from your PC. Yahoo only charges at the extremely low rate of 7 cents a minute for international calls to India and other countries around the globe. The site also allows you to personalize your calls by adding fun sound effects and even more. Yahoo Voice is easy to make calls, as well as manage and customize how you make them!

To start using Yahoo Voice all that is required is registering and downloading Yahoo Messenger onto your PC. If you already have the messenger downloaded onto your computer then simply sign up for Yahoo Voice and start making calls to India instantly.

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